Mobile App Development


    Whether it is a simple or complex Android Mobile app for your personal use or for your company's brand, we can make it happen. We are known for having experience developing Android mobile Apps

  • Strategy

    Creating the mobile apps can be a confusing process. Before we start developing any app, we lay down a strategy and help our customers decide. Is an app the right technology for them?

  • Cross-Platform

    We leverage the latest technologies that enable us to design cross-platform apps that users are asking for today. We support development in which an app can run on multiple operating systems.


    We love taking ideas from concepts and turning them into real apps. iOS development requires certain expertise that we have already mastered.

  • User Experience

    Most of our competitors develop mobile apps then they look at the user experience. We start designing a delightful user experience than we develop the mobile app.

  • Development

    Developing a great app goes beyond it just working. It has to be fast, slick and awesome. That's exactly what we do at SunnyApps. Our development and design services are unbeatable by any other company in Ottawa.

We not only love to take your idea and turn into a magical mobile app but also to make sure we offer you an affordable price and awesome support along the way

- SunnyApps Founders

Work process

We work thoroughly to provide our customers highly innovative mobile applications for all the major platforms including iOS and Android. In all our projects, we follow a process that allows us to be systematic with our customers to provide them the best services. We take our time in each phase of our customer engagement process and make sure we complete a milestone successfully before jumping into the next phase. We follow an agile methodology where we develop a prototype or what is known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at each phase. Once we release the MVP, we listen to our customer's feedback before moving forward. This is the reason; we are one of the fastest growing companies in Ottawa.

Meet & Gather Requirements
The most important piece of any project is to well define the problem and gather enough requirements. If this is not done right, everything that follows won't reflect our customer's vision. That's why we spend most of our time to understand our customer's goals and aspirations. We then both develop a strategy and set the right project goals.
Design, Develop & Test
Following the requirements phase, we collaboratively work on an outline for the project. We create the right milestones and agree on a priority list. We follow an iterative process where we show our customers a UX design at every single stage before completing the work. We make sure we create each aspect of the experience to perfection. We follow an agile methodology and make sure we release a prototype before we complete the project. Our Software engineers develop the product our Quality Assurance team test it to ensure the quality. Most of our competitors cut corners by assigning the software engineer to do the testing which won't result in quality testing. At the end of the project, we make sure we deliver tested and reliable products.
Launch & Support
We launch your product and we will be there to support you along the way. We look for a long lasting relationship that is bigger than the project itself. We do stand behind our work and we will be there in case our customers require us to adjust the design at some other point in time.

Get in touch

Make sure to drop us a line if you have any questions or a mobile app in mind. Even if you don't we would love to meet you for a coffee and know more about you.