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SunnyApps's sense of pride is having our work founded on a rigorous understanding of our client’s environment. We shape our client’s future by combining deep understanding of his business needs along with cutting-edge technologies to figure out ways to achieve positive business outcomes.

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Client-Success Driven

At SunnyApps, we know that what is more important than delivering a functional product is making sure our clients achieved their goals. That's why we measure our success not by product success rather than by how many happy clients we have earned.

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Passionate and Bold Team

SunnyApps has a team of engineers united by a strong set of values and focused on client impact while passionate about innovative technologies. We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices both locally and globally and offer our experience to help organizations focus and lead on tomorrow’s changing competitive landscape.

We are driven by the fact that winning a client’s heart and mind is more important than landing his business.

- SunnyApps Founders

Our Services

Our focus is on creating compelling mobile applications, marketing your brand and developing custom-built web applications to streamline complex business operations and processes.

We know exactly what it takes to take an idea and transform it into an awesome Mobile App.

At SunnyApps, we know how to make your dream mobile application come live in your hands. Whether you are looking to increase market of your brand or to develop a custom-built mobile application you have in mind, reach out to us and we can make it happen. We support development of both native and cross-platform apps.

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone

At SunnyApps, we know how to create and enable your digital presence. If you are just starting a new business, releasing a new product or seeking to increase your reach, we have the right methods to get you there. It is a matter of time until we get you to the first page on google.

It's just a matter of time until every company becomes a technology company

At SunnyApps, we strive to deliver web applications and solutions that help extend your brand reach, increase your opportunity, and streamline your business operations. Whether you are using Excel sheets or Word documents today, we have the right model to develop those web applications for you.

"Bots are the new Apps" - Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

At SunnyApps, we know how to develop chatbots enabled with Artificial Intelligence and deep learning that will cut your customer service costs and streamline a lot of your tasks . As Messaging apps are gaining popularity and users are spending more time on social media platforms, messaging apps such as fb messenger will become the new Mobile Operating System.

Why choose us

SunnyApps is an Ottawa based corporation. We focus on digital marketing and on developing and designing mobile apps and custom-built enterprise business solutions.

Affordable Prices, Unmatched Quality, and Awesome Support.

Our strength and sense of pride comes from delivering quality products with affordable prices and quick turnaround to our customers. We listen to our customer's requirements to help them achieve their dreams and passions.

  • We’re Affordable

    At SunnyApps, we deliver high quality products with affordable prices.   Quality is our main focus and pricing is an afterthought which can always be figured out later.

  • We’re Punctual

    When we commit, we deliver. Because we truly understand our customer's frustration when deadlines are not met, we stand behind our words and we deliver on time.

  • We're passionate

    At SunnyApps, we are passionate about what we do. We eat, breath and sleep mobile, marketing and enterprise app development. It is our passion to develop software solutions that makes us wake up everyday.

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Make sure to drop us a line if you have any questions or projects in mind. Even if you don't we would love to meet you for a coffee and know more about you.

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